Methadone Case Study

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Counselor met with Pt. for an arranged individual session. Counselor greeted Pt. and encouraged him to discuss his last tx plan, which he did. Pt. informed this writer that his last day in the program will be Wednesday, 3/23/17. Pt. indicated that he would like to donate his two take home boxes to the program if someone needs them. Counselor encouraged Pt. to assess his current account balance and explain his UDS results where shows a pattern of opiates use. Pt. spoke about how he uses oxycotin sometimes because his elbow retained fluid. Pt. verbalized how he drained his left elbow last week and now has a lot of fluid again. Counselor asked Pt. whether he has used any drugs, which he replied no. Pt. reported that he is using oxycotin for the…show more content…
Pt. reported that he wants to get up early and meditate and exercise. Pt. explained wanting to improve his health by taking herbal medicines. Pt. shared how he believes that pharmaceutical companies don’t want people to know about other alternative to combat addiction and improve health. Pt. indicated that his current dosage of methadone is 5 mg and he is experiencing minimal withdraw symptoms. Counselor explained how unfilled time, an unoccupied mind can act as triggers, who is going to give him advices and talk to him when needed and told his to reflect on it. Pt. reported positive activities that he involves himself to stay busy and keep recovery on track are working, remodeling his house, exercising, going to the beach early in the morning and meditating there. Pt. identified his wife and two sons as his main supportive people. Pt. indicated that he loves his wife and trusts her. At the end of the session Counselor explained that no matter how strong someone is, counting on his willpower to remain clean and wanting to be abstinent is not enough by itself. Counselor told him to be open to the idea to come back to the program or to call the program for any help to do

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