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PROJECT 4: METHADONE MAINTENANCE PROGRAMS Dolophinel, also known as methadone hydrochloride, or methadone for short, was synthesized by German scientists in the 1930’s during World War II. Methadone was originally used as a painkiller because of a shortage of morphine. In 1947, methadone was introduced to the United States. Methadone maintenance essentially began with an experiment in 1963. Dr. Vicent Dole and Dr. Marie Nyswander conducted this experiment at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research. At that time, New York City was the home of half the country’s heroin addicts. (Awards & Honors) Through research and experimentation and collection of data, it was found that methadone could not only be used as a painkiller but also as a means of treating heroin addicts through the withdrawal stages of detoxification. Methadone is a synthesized narcotic that belongs to the opioid family. This drug is opiate agonists, meaning methadone activates the opioid receptors in a person 's’ brain by attaching to the receptors in the brain that produce the “high” of other opioids. Methadone essentially tricks the brain into…show more content…
The timing of the introduction of methadone to a patient usually occurs when the patient has no signs of intoxication and first begins to show symptoms of withdrawal. The patient’s daily dosage is increased each day until the patient has a steady dose An optimal methadone dosage should produce prevention of withdrawals for 24 hours, no presents of cravings, the lack of euphoric effects of self-administered opioids and the ability to function normally without impairment of physical or emotional response. Most patients find the optimal dosage of methadone is between 80 to 120mg per day. There are patients who can have an optimal dosage lower than 80mg or higher than 120mg per day the dosage varies depending on the patient. A methadone maintenance patient must report to the dispensary each day between particular times to receive their medication

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