Methamphetamine Research Paper Outline

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Methamphetamine use Overview: Methamphetamine is a powerful stimulant that is addictive and causes serious damage Central Nervous System. Causes: Methamphetamine can influence loads of mind structures, yet the ones it influences the most are the ones that contain a substance called dopamine. The purpose behind this is that the shape, size, and substance structure of Methamphetamine and dopamine are comparable. Before I let you know more about dopamine and Methamphetamine, I would do well to let you know how nerve cells work. Your mind is comprised of billions of nerve cells (or neurons). Neurons come in all shapes and sizes, however most have three imperative parts: a cell body that contains the core and coordinates the exercises of the neuron; dendrites, short filaments that get messages from different neurons and hand-off them to the cell body; and an axon, a long single fiber that conveys messages from the cell body to dendrites of different neurons. Symptoms:…show more content…
Increase and reduction of attention fatigue 2. Decreased appetite 3. Increased physical activity 4. Feeling of euphoria and excitement 5. Hyperthermia (increased

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