Methamphetamine Vs Meth Essay

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Methamphetamine and cocaine are both in the same category of drugs known as stimulants. Meth is completely man-made and is manufactured using common household and industrial ingredients such as over-the-counter cold/allergy medicines, drain cleaner, battery acid, gun cleaner, gasoline additives, muriatic acid, ammonia, lye, acetone and litter. Cocaine on the other hand is naturally occurring and is harvested from the leaves of the cocoa plant. While they are two entirely different drugs, both meth and cocaine have risks associated with their use, and have very high rates of dependence, abuse, and addiction. However, there are very distinct differences between cocaine and meth, in terms of how these drugs affect the individual both physically and psychologically. Both drugs are stimulants so they stimulate the individual and create an euphoric high, as a result of the way both drugs elevate the dopamine levels in the brain. Stimulants such as cocaine and meth cause the user to be more active, talkative, alert, less tired, exhilarated, etc. This essay will talk about each drug signs and symptoms treatment nursing management for drug abuse. Cocaine is an extremely addictive and poisonous drug and is a central nervous system stimulant (Miller-Keane). This stimulant drug is derived from the coca plant, and when used as a…show more content…
Meth is abused as a recreational drug (Rockvill) and is the illicit form of methamphetamine that causes very severe physical and psychological addiction problems. The signs and symptoms of this disorder are numerous and include increased physical activity, paranoia, dilated pupils, elevated heart rate, jaw clenching and depression to name a few (Miller). Some of the more noticeable visual signs include tooth decay, picking at the skin resulting in scabs, and extreme weight
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