Methamphetamines In Today's Society

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It is an unfortunate reality that intoxication is part of our culture and how many people deal with life and become more social creatures relating to one another. Many people like to get that high and seek a buzz in order to have a good time. One popular drug among may people in today’s society is methamphetamines. Users know the medically prescribed name’s that methamphetamines are referred to by the medical community, as well as, they are familiar with the street slang names for meth that meth are referred to by dealers and addicts. Some of these names used on the street for meth, are known as speed, crystal, glass, chalk, ice, and the seemingly innocent name of, “Tina.” Meth is one of the most powerful drugs and will lure its users and take…show more content…
In today’s society prescriptions forms of methamphetamines is prescribed, by doctors and psychiatrist as the number one treatment drug for attention deficit disorder. These drugs are known as Ritalin and Adderall (NCBI). Both of these drugs also contain a controlled amount of meth in the ingredients. Prescribed medications have become more available to the public to treat these different diagnosed disorders. Indeed, this drug is a potent and the drug shows to be very powerful. The government realized by the must intervene and control it’s use legally when it’s prescribed. The war on this drug is also surging and it may seem, they are losing the battle as it increases in popularity…show more content…
Recreational drug use was common in the U.S. in the late 1960s. To combat the illegal drug use, Congress passed the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act in 1970 (Methamphetamine). The drug laws prior to this Act weren’t adequate enough to address these drugs and their use in legal and illegal ways people get them (Meth History). The Act consists of two main parts, Title II and Title III. In addition, to classifying and outlawing certain drugs, the Act was also created to research drug abuse and provide treatment. It is based on three elements, drug dependence of a user taking meth may be of varying degrees. First, it would be based on the type of meth and the strength of the drug. For example, crystal meth cause dependence quicker over the base or powder counterparts of the drug. Next, if a drug user injects or snorts the drug it can lead to even faster dependency. Lastly, if drug users are using several times in a week they will most likely suffer from the chemical dependency and make the side effects, both good and bad more pronounced. Congress, ultimately classified Methamphetamine as a schedule II drug. Yet, despite the drug category, Methamphetamine continues to rise in demand and is the drug of choice for many of its users is still “Tina”

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