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In this scholarly research article, Branda conducted a study with children from different age groups, each individual was given a survey that asked whether or not a certain sport is intended more for girls or boys She stats the results of the study point out that most students follow Metheny’s model. The Metheny’s model discuss acceptable and unacceptable sports for each gender. Typical sports for girls and woman are ones that don’t involve bodily harm or the use of force against an object for example boxing, football, and pole vault. Metheny also goes on to say that social status plays a role as well such that collage woman

BrendaA.Riemeris with the Department of Physical Education and Exercise Scienceat the California State University-Chico.
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Which has increased the number of woman participationing in leisure recreation such as sports, they are still influenced by social stereotypes such as sports. Even at an early age children think gymnastics is feminine while boxing masculine. She then goes on to references an article by George that states a stigma occurs when someone acts different then the social norm and also falls into a stereotype. This is definitely true for boys as they are more under pressure to conform to social ideals and show their masculinity.

Schmalz, Dorothy L; at Clemson university and Kerstetter, Deborah L at Pennsylvania state university worked together on their research paper that is based on doctoral dissertation

This article also talks about what people in general view as an acceptable vs unacceptable sport for boys and girls and the consequences that lead with not following them such as stereotyping and stigmas. In my study I will discuss why boys may not want to be on the same team as girls since that sport may be regarded as a more feminine sport. For example if a guy wants to join a girls ballet group it will be frowned upon and stereotyped of being gay
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And to find out why she assemble 6 groups of teenage girls and interviewed Each group separately asking various questions as to why they would drop a sport. There were many reasons as to why, one of the most common reasons were they lost interest, lack of time, and competence. However another reason totally different from the rest was due to their teammates and teasing from both the girls and boys side. When talking about the boys as teammates they complained that it was too hard to get a shot, not being treated as an equal, and if they were better than the guys they would be called a butch or a
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