Method Of Education In Jean Jacque Rousseau's Emile

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Throughout Jean Jacque Rousseau’s Emile, Rousseau explains in detail, his version of an ideal education. In this paper, I start by merely summarizing what I believe to be the most important points of Rousseau’s education method and what his goal is for his imaginary pupil Emile, followed by making a comparison to my own childhood where I will take some of Rousseau’s methods which reflect onto my own education along with theorizing the result of my childhood if all of Rousseau’s methods were implemented. The full explanation of Rousseau’s educational method is quite extensive so I will focus my discussion on what I believe to be the most important components of this method. I will structure my paper by first summarizing Rousseau’s methods using…show more content…
I will now discuss the goals and educational methods of Rousseau.
Rousseau’s proposed method of education is rather unique and some may argue quite radical, but nonetheless this is what he believes to be the superior approach in raising the youth, and I must admit a number of his techniques do have some logic to them. Rousseau’s goal of this method is to provide a education that leaves the child happy in adult life, along with being able to live as a “natural” person in society, to live a life without prejudice and not conforming to views but determining them yourself. Beginning with infancy I will focus on two points which I believe to be the most significant. The first being guiding the child so they do not contract habits along with Rousseau’s method of handling crying and or screaming. Essentially his idea of not contracting habits means to raise your child in a fashion that prevents them from being accustomed to one specific style of completing tasks, to take
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It is important to note that up to this point Emile has not been in direct contact with other people. To begin I will cover Rousseau’s method of teaching various forms of science. He teaches them in a rather interesting way, he creates real world examples for Emile to figure out for himself without even realizing that he is participating in a lesson. Rousseau does this to educate Emile on the relevance of science in life. During this period of life he introduces Emile to the concept of religion, he waits such a long period of time to ensure that Emile will choose a religion based on his understanding and opinion of it and not because he was raised following a certain faith. Lastly, it is in this time period that Rousseau introduces his pupil to society. He had this idea of keeping Emile “natural” and not allowing him to be conformed from society and by introducing it later in life he his hoping for Emile to make decisions based on his own thinking and not the general opinion of society. The educational methods of Rousseau are more in depth and extensive but I have focused on just a few ideas for which I think are the most important and provide a stable outline for the reader to follow when I compare them to my own childhood. I will now transition to the second portion of my paper concerning my personal
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