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Research Design and Methodology Discussion of Action Research Action research is defined as a systematic cyclical method for gathering and analyzing information to address issues of concern to seek to gain deeper insight into improving practice. “The process is one of self-study, thus a teacher engaged in action research may, for example study ways to increase student learning in his or her class, focusing on his or her intentions, methods and desired outcomes as part of the investigation” (Hendricks,2009,p.3). The purpose of the study determines whether either qualitative or quantitative methods or both will be best suited for the investigation. A timeline of five weeks will be used to conduct this study ( Refer to Appendix A).Action research…show more content…
Second, decide what data should be collected. Third, collect and analyze data which is followed by the fourth stage of describing the findings and finally, the fifth stage which reports and share the findings and plan for action with others” (Johnson,2005, p.21). As a result, it allows researchers to give reasoned justification of their education work to others (Kemmis & McTaggart, 2000). Research Design “A research design is the logic that links the data to be collected (and the conclusions to be drawn) ” (Yin, 2009, p24 ). The research design intended for this study is a case involving standard three students. The school is a bounded system because it has recognizable edges between the inside and outside, with different activities being conducted in different spaces therefore it is a case. This research design will involve using action research to investigate discipline strategies to improve behaviour in standard three. Limitations The proposed study will be limited by availability of time to accumulate the data which will be time consuming for the sole observer for this…show more content…
The intervention took place in a standard three class in two different settings. The researchers handed consents to the principal and teacher to ensure it was no problem to do the action research. Firstly ,surveys were administered to observe participant’s attitude on classroom management approaches ( Refer to Appendix B).The data was also collected to start the intervention as well as a running record was used to determine the current behavioural level of all the participants. Running records were analyzed from the two settings to determine the results. After each approach the teachers will assess the students’ academic achievement. Finally, the next step will be to evaluate the results and draw conclusions. If the research is a success the process will continue, if it is unsuccessful a review of the procedure will be conducted

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