Methodology Of The English Language

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English is undoubtedly the most widely used language and the most important and main source of international communication in the present day world.English is the lingua franca in present age. Being the global language, as it is called, it is used and learnt all over the world in one way or the other way either as a mother tongue or as a foreign or second language. Thus having the status of being a world-language, English is taught in almost every school all around the world keeping in mind some important principles and methodologies for the successful teaching – learning process. The paper discusses the importance of English language, some of the principles, history and critical evaluation of some of the important methodologies of English language teaching in the classrooms for a better understanding and successful teaching –learning process. Keywords: ELT, Methods, Approaches, Linguistics, Techniques, Global Language. _____________________________________________________________________________ Introduction…show more content…
At present, English is used by more than 1.5 billion people around the world, be it speaking or writing. English is used as a mother tongue by three hundred and fifty million people and the rest of the people use it as a second or foreign language. To quote Prof. Randolph Quirk, “Paul Vargheese says that most people who speak English are not English and were not born in

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