Methods Of Education: The Advantages Of Solution In Schools

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Over the years, as a result of a competitive, grade-oriented culture, Singaporean parents rely heavily on private tuition to aid their child’s academic needs. Singaporean families spend $1.1 billion a year on tuition, more than double of that spent a decade ago, in accordance to the latest Household Expenditure Survey. Singaporeans have a mind-set that success is based on academic achievements, which will eventually land you favorable job opportunities, and will in turn give you a good life. Hence, education is slowly losing it’s meaning. It is necessary to instil that education should be tackled holistically, rather than using goal-oriented approach. Extra private tuition could possibly help a child progress in school, but it takes more than just academic achievements to gain better opportunities in the real-world.

Firstly, in order for tuition classes to be beneficial, students must have the right attitudes and willingness to learn. With equal importance, students need to be thought the right methods of learning. Most Singaporean parents send their kids for tuition hoping that they can improve on their weak subjects, not understanding the reality that it takes more than just textbook content to do well. When facing challenging subjects, positive thinking and learning from their mistakes is vital, rather than escaping from obstacles. As educators, teachers should also inspire, spark curiosity and excitement in lessons, rather than just focusing on academics too.

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