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Natalie Koch Bio 2 Metridium The metridium, which is also known as the plumose anemones, is a sea anemone that is classified under the kingdom Animalia and the phylum Cnidaria. Which is the same phylum as jellyfishes and corals. The metridium is typically found in cooler waters of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans up in the Northern Hemisphere (, 2013). They typically collect in deep rock openings, or in deep regions under docks, floats, or pilings (Fretwell, 2013). In some instances they can even be found on the claws of certain crabs. Most of them are found in colonial gatherings, which in turn can help as a self defense line. They can also be used as a protection base or temporary habitat for certain fish. They lie between the anemones and if any imposing…show more content…
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