Metro Bank Security Risk Analysis

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1.1 State the identified and evaluated types of security risks to the selected IT project.(P1.1) As the newly recruited IT Security Manager of Creative IT Solution PLC, I am going to choose the “Metro Bank PLC Project” as my first assignment. I have identified below types of Security Risks will be threatening to my selected project. • Internally, where Criminal workers/ Staff members can bargain client data, accounts as well as records. • At the ATM machine, where skimming devices can deceive customers • On customers' individual Computer Systems, viruses & malwares can steal checking references & banking credentials. • Throughout the transaction chain at merchants and payments processors, where crimes force institutions to replace cards and…show more content…
 All automated fire prognosis methods are run in appropriate circumstances having regular assessment and is in good condition.  All automated fire extinguishing system is routinely tested.  There are well-defined methods pertaining to coping with and disbursing tips associated with locks.  Using tobacco, meals along with beverages are not granted inside computer room.  Easily transportable personal computers, mobile devices and other laptop or computer tools, which can be added into the laptop or computer room, are managed.  There exists frequent examination of equipment in addition to establishments.  There are specially given staff in charge of coordinating cleaning involving computer rooms. Equipment Security  All backup mass media tend to be effectively labeled and closed in a safe location.  Having access to media is actually effectively handled as well as documented and recorded.  The place where back up media can be kept is always secured. User Identification and Privileges Management  Each and every user will be granted using special and unique end user…show more content…
 Maximum 3 trials are allowed with regard to security password attempts. Mobile Computing and Remote Access  There are suitable policies along with methods specifying your current security requirement associated with employing mobile computing in addition to remote access.  There are control measures intended for remote admittance for the computer, application form systems along with data. Data Security  There are procedures established as well as documented regarding backup as well as recovery.  Logs are generally held intended for all backups as well as recovery acknowledged just like date/time, backup media considered and also acknowledged by that etc.  At least two backups tend to be kept.  There are well-defined disposal procedures pertaining to backup media. Application Security  There are well documented change control procedures.  All changes are generally very well approved, recorded in addition to verified before implementation.  Adequate backups are generally performed before and right after the

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