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Evaluation: Metro Bar and Grill When one steps into a restaurant for the first time, usually the first thing to acknowledge is the atmosphere, ultimately the restaurant’s first impression to the customer. Metro Bar and Grill located in Joliet, Il on the corner of Essington road and Fiday Rd, gives off a comfortable, neighborhood atmosphere. From the first walk into the restaurant, one can ultimately presume that it has a modern, chic appearance which gives a strong positive first impression. In accordance with the design of the building, the outside gives false interpretations of what the inside would appear to be. However because of the modernized look of the restaurant, there were many people who seemed to be in the business field; it was as if at every corner of the restaurant there was a party dressed in suits and office attire. Metro provides both open, friendly and public space and quiet, secluded and private spacing - for business meetings or luncheons and fun lunch or dinner dates. The restaurant also provides activities, such as games for children to engage in while they wait. Impressed with the initial walk into the restaurant, we were instantly greeted by a…show more content…
Since Metro provide both private and public seating, and my friends and I were there only to eat dinner and not discuss much business we sat at a regular booth by the windows, off to the side. Upon arriving at the booth, we had a generally good view, but the more important aspect was the cleanliness of the restaurant itself. The table was very clean, not one crumb was left behind and we did not have to wipe down any other marks or leftover food before we sat down. There was even an incident, that I saw in full swing, where a piece of food from someone’s order had fallen off the tray - however it was taken care and cleaned right away. The entire restaurant seemed to reach the requirements of a properly cleaned

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