Metro Bus Disadvantages

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Meta Description: Metro Bus is the most anticipated projects that got alive on the streets of Lahore. One debate although continues even after its launch whether this project was necessary or not.
Excerpt: Let us critically analyze over the situations of country and understand the necessity of Metro Bus project.
Pros vs. Cons:
Do we really need Metro Bus System?

Metro bus project is one of the top-tier projects of Pakistan. First Metro Bus service was launched in Lahore on February 2013 by Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif with the cooperation of Turkish Government. The main aim of this project was to provide comfortable yet efficient transportation system to the major cities of Pakistan i.e. Lahore where the number of vehicle’s registration for per thousand population was gradually increased from 95 to an alarming number of 238 from 2001 to 2008. Despite of the harsh criticism it faced, Metro ran very successfully in Lahore. Therefore, recently Islamabad-Pindi metro Bus system has also been launched. Moreover, Government has also promised to launch Metro bus system in Karachi. From my personal research and public opinion I would here like to share some of the Pros and Cons of Metro Buses.
Positive Attributes:
• Metro bus is an efficient and easy way of transportation for people who mostly travel from one corner of the city to another for the sake of livelihood on daily basis.
• In Highly populated cities, mostly women and girls have to face the consequences of unsafe

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