Metro Manila Movie Analysis

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Metro Manila is a mix of drama and crime thriller film that was set in Manila itself. It was able to show the underlying truth of the people living in the slums and are ostracized by society. Oscar’s personality was evident that he’s a hardworking man who would do anything for the good of his family. He moved to Manila in hopes of having a better life because he didn’t receive enough money that he deserved from being a farmer. An issue that is still patent in our country is belittling the farmers who actually are the ones providing us food from the market. They receive little amount of money for a job that would take time, patience and dedication. This has been the case of Oscar who couldn’t even afford the seeds needed to farm for next season. This led him and his family to flee from the province and live in the “lavished” life of Metro Manila. Another immense issue that the government should focus on are the people from the province moving to the city to seek for better jobs. This causes overpopulation that also leads to…show more content…
This shows one of the most common traits of Filipinos: their love for their family will never compare. Oscar did everything he could and even sacrificed his life because he loves his family and for them to seek happiness despite the troubles they underwent through. This is something that we should do the same to our family— not exactly sacrificing our life but making them our inspiration to work hard for our jobs, or our studies in my case. Another one is that the film was an avenue for us to notice that there are people struggling to feed themselves and that is something we need to take consideration on when we view our life and our never-ending ‘reklamo’ or complains. I appreciated my family and my parents more than I ever did. It made me feel so blessed and I want to thank them for working hard just for us, siblings, to live in a life that I should be more grateful

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