Metronidazole Lab Report

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A. INTRODUCTION DESCRIPTION  Metronidazole is 1-(2-hydroxyethyl)-2-methyl-5-nitroimidazole B.P. It appears as a white to  brownish cream crystalline substance with melting point 159-162C. Solubility in water at 20C is  1g/100mL; in ethyl alcohol, 0.5g/100mL; in chloroform, 0.4g/100mL; slightly soluble in ether and  soluble in dilute acids. When reconstituted as Metronidazole IV for Infusion, it has a pH of between 4.8 and 5.2. B. Composition  Each ml contains metronidazole B.P. 5mg, anhydrous citric acid B.P. 0.4mg, sodium phosphate B.P.  1.5mg and sodium chloride B.P. 7.4mg. Each ml contains 0.135mmol of sodium. C. Classification and Activity  Metronidazole is a nitroimidazole antiinfective agent which has specific activity against a number of  obligate anaerobic organisms and protozoa. 1. CONTROLLED DRUG DELIVERY SYSTEM Drug activity is a result of molecular interactions in certain cells; it is therefore easily deduced that it is necessary for the drug to reach somehow the site of action following…show more content…
Relationship between plasma concentration Vs time for various Drug delivery system 1.2 ADVANTAGES OF MODIFIED RELEASE DOSAGE FORM 1. Improved therapy • Sustained plasma drug concentration level. • Attenuation of adverse effects. • It is seldom that a dose is missed because of non-compliance by the patient. 2. Patient convenience/improved patient compliance: Frequency of administration is reduced and thus disturbance to the patient is less particularly at night (resting time). 3. Economy may also be affected due to decreased cost of nursing time for administration of drug. 4. Reduce amount of drug administration. 5. Maximizing availability with a minimum dose. 6. Control of drug absorption; high peak level peaks that may be observed after administration of high availability drug can be reduced. 7. Safety margin of high potency drugs can be increased. 8. Increased reliability of therapy.[9,10,11] 1.3

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