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During this trying time for Metropolitan Hospital, many healthcare providers have left the organization and have gone to follow their patients in the suburbs. With the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, many aspects within the health organizations have been subject to change. The demographics of the patients seen, the reimbursement for services rendered and many other implications have affected the way healthcare if provided. Metropolitan Hospital has been no exception to all this changes, and currently it has an additional burden to bear, and that is to find a fit new CEO to replace the 27-year-old career that Mr. John Jenkins has held.
Given the changes in demographics that the Metropolitan Hospital has suffered in recent years, it is imperative that an ideal candidate for CEO is chosen. Mr. John Jenkins has dedicated his
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All members of the search committee, chaired by Leon Greensmith, J.D. should be on the same page in regards to the responsabilities and what is expetec of the new CEO.
Financial expertise, a good disposition and a get-it-done attitude, is just simply not clear enough when it comes to creating a descriptive job requirement. Metropolitan Hospital’s new CEO should have at least been in charge of a company equally diverse and just as big as Metropolitan Hospital. Someone who has hold a CEO position in a company alike, should have less chance of becoming overwhelmed by the job requirements.

Since the search for a new CEO is being held nationally, it is important to evaluate the benefits that it would have on the organization to welcome an expert who has no ties to the community. In many occasions, a pair of new eyes can offer a fresh look into the organization and can offer options that have not been evaluated yet by those who are still close to the

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