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My trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art was something I had never experienced before. Being assigned the task to attend this museum, by none other than my music professor, ended up to be a win-win situation for me. I expected my trip to the Metropolitan Museum to be a tedious experience to complete a tiresome task of finding pieces of art, but to my amazement things took an unexpected turn. I ended up going with my beautiful girlfriend who happily tagged along on my adventure. My trip to the museum took about an hour and half but I didn’t mind because I was not alone. As my girlfriend and I approached the MET, the sight of the enormous building was astonishing. It's designed in such a beautiful way that it entices people to see more behind…show more content…
I was overwhelmed with art from so many different countries. I went through the Japanese art work that had plenty of clothing, armors and quite a lot of flowers. The Chinese gallery was filled with many small and colorful statues of Buddha. When I got to the European paintings I was not quite fond of them. One of the paintings was of nude children dancing and in the description it mentions that this was praised by Leon Trotsky, a Marxist revolutionary in the Soviet Union. There were some well crafted statues but plenty of nudity which did not peak my interest. Many of the other sections such as the American, African, Greek and Arab art fascinate me. As I was examining these pieces I learned a little of the history of each of the cultures. My experience at the Metropolitan museum is one I will remember for the rest of my life. I never knew of the existence of this museum but I am glad I went with my girlfriend. One section that I will forever remember was located somewhere in the medieval art. There was a room packed with guns on every wall that were crafted so flawlessly that I couldn’t keep my eyes off them. I could have stayed the entire day in that room and admire the craftsmanship of each gun at a microscopic level. It was a sight I would never

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