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A paintbrush on a canvas, a pencil on paper, anything that could be used to express feelings. Art is beautiful and versatile, from a variety of mediums to choose from, the sky 's the limit. It is my way of coping with the world, an escape from reality into somewhere where I decide what goes. The colors gliding off, swimming together to become something different in everyones eyes. Art is communication without words, but with the mind. Whenever I found myself in a stressful situation, art has always been my coping mechanism. When my parents argued or when I was feeling down, the solution was always art. Spending hours blending colors on a wooden pallet, watching it swirl onto the canvas, it became my creation. I love watching my ideas become a reality with a few swipes of a brush or a pencil. Countless hours locked away in my room, the smell of acrylic filling the air. I appreciated fine art, displayed in museums like the Museum of Modern Art or the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They housed the greatest artists and inspired me to continue this interest of mine. Every year I would return, hoping for a new sense of inspiration that I didn 't have before . These great artists started revolutionary movements. Not the political kind but ages of art. Each age was a different type of world, a new galaxy to…show more content…
This small interest blossomed from a young age and has changed me in so many ways. Being an artist isn 't a title or label but doing what makes me feel okay. I paint to make others feel, I draw to make others wonder. It is an expression, even some can may the meaning of life. Although this has brought frustration and struggle, it is that what makes the journey worthwhile. Every second I 've spent, makes me grow to become me. Art has helped me take risks and has created a new mindset on how to live my life. I am more outspoken and I take criticism well because you cannot grow as an artist or even as a person without taking into consideration the changes you have

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