Metropolitan Museum Research Paper

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan is known for its various art exhibits. There are numerous exhibits that hold art of religious significance. This includes the Temple of Dendur. This temple is located in Gallery 131, the Sackler wing of the museum. The Temple of Dendur was built about 15 BC and completed around 10 BC. It was commissioned by the Emperor of Rome at this time, Augustus Caesar. After Augustus conquered Egypt in 31 BC, he commissioned about 17 building projects, which included this temple. It was first located in Dendur, which located in Lower Nubia and on the west bank of the Nile and south of the city of Aswan. In 1963, the temple was dismantled and moved from its original site in order to save it from being submerged…show more content…
In Ancient Egypt, the temples were all constructed from stone because the gods were to live in these temples for all of eternity and lack of wood. The temple walls were covered with inscriptions and images. They were often historical events, such as important events at the temple or of the pharaoh’s reign. The Temple of Dendur depicted Pihor worshipping Isis and Pedesi worshipping Osiris as well as Emperor Augustus praying and offering the gods. Traditionally, the drawings would’ve been of the pharaoh. However, after his conquest of Egypt, Augustus became the pharaoh during this time. Priest maintained the temple along with craftsmen, cleaners, farmers, and slaves. There were four types of priests: full-time, lay, waab and the High Priest. Full-time priests would serve the gods at all times. Lay priests served for three months a year. Waab priests performed rituals. The High Priest oversaw all activities in the temple. The Temple of Dendur was smaller than many other temples in Egypt, therefore, there wouldn’t have been as many priests compared to larger temples. Priesthood was given in two ways: by an appointment of the pharaoh or inheritance. Serving priests must be celibate and live in or near the temple as well as be circumcised if they weren’t already. Priests weren’t allowed to wear clothing made from animals, so their clothing was made of plant fibers and linen. The Temple of Dendur might not have been as
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