Meursault Dialectical Journal

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2. Summary: Meursault, a shipping clerk living in Algiers, receives news of his mother's death. After hearing about the death of his mother, he travels to the nursing home that that he put her in after no longer being able to financially provide for the both of them. Unlike the traditional response to death by grieving for the deceased, Meursault continues on with his daily tasks as if his mother had never died. During a trip with Raymond and Marie, Meursault shoots the Arab, the brother of the mistress that cheated on Raymond, and is imprisoned. Meursault is eventually convicted and sentenced to death because of his inability to conform to the societal expectations of French Algeria in the 1940’s. 3. Characters: Meursault- the protagonist and narrator of the novel, Meursault is a young shipping clerk who has detached himself from the world around him. He is indifferent…show more content…
Marie asks Meursault to marry her and continues to support him throughout his court trial even though he does not feel the same emotional connection. Raymond Sintes- Meursault's neighbor who enlists his help after he believes his mistress is cheating on him. A man who takes initiative through violence, Raymond seeks revenge to punish her and the mistress's brother for the wrongdoings she has committed against him. 2 more characters Thomas Perez- A loving elderly man who grew very close and fond of Meursault's mother at the nursing home. Thomas Perez and Madame Meursault's relationship was one of few sincere relationships that the novel illustrates and serves as an opposing view to Meursault's understanding of the world. The Chaplain- A priest who visits Meursault throughout the trial and demands that he take comfort in God. Meursault is unwilling to accept religion and proclaims himself an atheist as he will not let religion hinder his belief that the world is
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