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A connection I can make with all of these quotes is that they all affected Meursault. The color red, sun, and the heat all affected Meursault 's thought process and his actions. He does not know this, but these quotes will affect him in the current situation and in the future. The first motif is the color red. In this novel, the color red has the symbolic meaning of blood and love. The few times the color red is mentioned, it was either on Marie or on the sand. The red on Marie is a red and white striped dress that Meursault loved seeing her in. The dress appears two times in the text, before the shooting and after the shooting. Each time he sees her in that dress, the feeling of lust erupts from him. The red in the sand connects to the blood…show more content…
These two most often will correlate with each other. The aspect of sun and heat in this novel is very important. The most noticeable reason is the fact Meursault blames the sun for his actions. The sun symbolically represents a higher being or great source of power. This connects perfectly with Meursault’s claim for shooting the Arab. The pressure from the Sun could be seen a sign from God pushing Meursault into shooting the Arab. Meursault did not have a real reason for the murder. He was just at a bad place and time, and the heat got to him. However, this goes against his beliefs. Meursault does not believe in God, so to say that God pushed to pull the trigger, he would have to lie to the courthouse. The heat is also very important in this novel. Both times that death was in front of Meursault, the heat was unbearable for him; his mother’s funeral and the murder of the Arab. The heat is very uncomfortable for him, because he mentions it many times. Sometimes it is so bad, he becomes dizzy and is unable to think properly. When he is in court, every time he is questioned about the murder, he alway relates back to how hot the scene was. The heat was the most memorable thing from the scene. As previously mentioned, he is affected a lot by physical sensations. It was clear that his mentality strength and mood was affected by the sun. If the heat was not so intense during the time of the event, he might not have been pressured to shoot the
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