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I endure an ongoing conflict within myself due to my identity. This conflict is by reason of the duality and hybridity of my culture. I am a product of Mexican immigrants born and raised in the United States. My experiences and where I came from have heavily influenced my sense of self. My identity has been constantly fluctuating since I recognized myself as Chicana and Mexican-American. I have always perceived the beauty behind my identify struggle just as others have as well. I am rich in culture because I am of two. The hybridity of both cultures presented a sensation of empowerment while it also has created a division within myself. Through an original art piece, inspired by Judy Baca’s The Great Wall Of Los Angeles, I exhibit the duality…show more content…
It began displaying prehistoric California with saber tooth tigers and mammoths and ended with an image of an Olympian athlete. Each piece of the mural had a caption to explain the image of that section. In “El Mundo Femenino” by Amelia Mesa-Bains, Judy Baca is recognized as the artist to the world’s longest mural, being more than half a mile long. The primary focus of The Great Wall of Los Angeles was stated as “ a multiracial, not just a Chicano, chronicle of history” and explaining her product as a process of “empowering Chicanos and reclaiming neighborhood space” (Bains, 134). Baca’s main goal was to apprise to the community about the time line of history and what has brought us here today. Many people have recognized this story from history books, where they have failed to realize that it was all from the point of view of the winners, the privileged. She made this more than a Chicano piece, she told the story of other minorities as well. Baca presented the truth of history through her mural with the help of members of the community, especially the youth. They collectively worked to embellish and restore the wall in the San Fernando Valley with socially charged

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