Mexican American Children Research Paper

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the article written by Claudio Sanchez, it is stated that researchers have determined that Mexican American toddlers do not develop as quickly as Anglo American children. Mexican American children have a delayed development in their ability to speak, read and the development of their senses. I can look back on how many times my parents read to me, engaged me in their conversations and interacted with me; and see the positive affects it had on me. However, my younger cousins did not have to same interaction with adults and only engaged with children of their own age. As a result, I see a difference in how much slower they are developing than I did. I believe If Mexican American children had this interaction, they would be just as smart as the…show more content…
Anglo Americans have an advantage that us Mexican Americans, do not. People are more willing to accept Anglo American and offer them help, more than they would for a Mexican American. I have seen this many times in my life, and I am not even 19 yet. In an article written by Kay Steiger, she states ““The fact that you have segregation combined with the fact that localities are largely responsible for the funding of their schools means that you can have whites or the affluent not have to what we call ‘feel the pain’ of a low-performing urban district,” . If we could come together, and stop looking down on one another, I believe can break this achievement…show more content…
Anglo Americans are more open with their children, as for Mexican Americans keep everything to themselves and don’t ask for help. Being around adults can increase your knowledge but at the same time it can give you too much knowledge. I use my life as an example, I grew up around nothing but adults. Because of this I matured a lot faster than most children, and as a result it took me a long time to learn the basic things a child should actually know. The environment of your household, is the main factor to whether or not, you are apart of this achievement gap. If your parents are encouraging you to do better, you will do better. If they are not encouraging, more than likely you won’t take education seriously. I see many of my cousins and my god sisters skip this achievement gap because of their living environments. As for the other half of my cousins, they are a part of this achievement gap because of the broken homes they come from.
Yes, Anglo Americans are more open with their children and engage them in more conversations than Mexican Americans do. But I believe that if more Mexican American parents would have open interaction with their children from the moment they start speaking and understanding, they would develop faster. If Mexican American children were given every opportunity that Anglo American children are given there would be no more achievement gap.
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