Mexican American History Research Paper

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Bin, Leslie
Mexican American History - 2328
Tovanche, Juan
January 29, 2016
Mexican American History In The Classroom

"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.", as said by Marcus Garvey. Some observers may criticize the fact that Mexican American History is taught at the greater academic level, however a more diverse curriculum is fundamental in developing an accurate national identity, embracing a greater sense of history, and to keep citizens culturally cognizant of a world beyond themselves. Mexican American History as well as the histories of other cultures/countries should be taught in the classroom for the sake of cultivating a broader knowledge of humanity. National Identity
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Mexican American history, taught especially to individuals of Hispanic background, can instill a greater sense of self which would encourage even larger contributions to society as a result of taking ownership of how one may see him or herself. Beyond the classroom, this would develop to more involvement politically and economically. This would open the gates to more equal pay and fairness in job opportunities economically; and with substantial political participation, one would be able to represent the ideals and desires for a certain group of people or cultures. For example, Juan Jose Herrera and his ability to fight and represent for his community by becoming a judge that reflected their aspirations. If you do not know who you are, then others will define that for you. Embracing a greater sense of history would instill a sense of inspiration and confidence that would encourage students of all backgrounds to…show more content…
Mexican American history is one more important stepping stone in familiarizing ourselves with something beyond what we are in order to breach racism and stereotypes, to create a more wholesome national identity, and to not lose sense of a greater history. It should be encouraged to take a history course foreign to your country of origin, as well as to incorporate all peoples struggles and contributions to United States history. Mexican American history should be covered in the classroom. Works Cited
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