Mexican American War Justified

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If we never went to war with Mexico then the US would be half the size it is today and we probably wouldn 't be living here today. Some interesting facts is that people from Texas when Mexico owned were called Tejanos. They were basically Mexican Texans so they called people from Texas Tejanos which is Spanish for Texans. The Texans actually wanted to be their own country at first. They they start applying for annexation to the US. Texas was actually two times the size back then then it is today. It stretched as far north as states today such as Colorado, Kansas, and even Nebraska. The United States was justified in going to war with Mexico because of American soldiers being killed innocently by Mexican troops, Mexico can 't govern well, and because of Manifest Destiny. In 1821 Mexico declared itself free from their mother country of Spain. Not long after their independence in 1836…show more content…
Another reason the Mexican American War was justified was because Mexico could not govern Texas. John L. O’Sullivan said, “...Imbecile and distracted, Mexico nerve can exert any real government authority over such a country” (O’Sullivan 323) John is saying that Mexico can 't even exert an actual governing not even on it’s own people. He also says, “California will probably fall away from Mexico”(O’Sullivan 323) This shows that they can 't even take care of their own country and will probably keep losing land to the US. It was time for the annexation of Texas and welcome them into the “family” and be kind and cheerful to them.(O’Sullivan 323) This shows that we were willing and ready to welcome Texas to our country. Texas applied for annexation three time and got rejected the first two times because Mexico would be mad at the US for approving it.(Background Research 317) This shows that even Texas was ready and had enough of Mexico. This evidence shows the US was justified in going to war because Mexico could not even govern Texas. Mexico just was not ready to govern such a large
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