Mexican Axolotl Research Paper

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Ambystoma Mexicanum Ambystoma Mexicanum, commonly known as the Mexican Axolotls, is the most studied salamander in the world. This is due to their ability to regenerate any body part that has been lost or damaged (NG). Mexican Axolotls are native to Lake Chalco and Xochimilco near Mexico City, only Lake Xochimilco remains today (AD). The name ‘axolotl’ come from the Aztec god Xolotl, also know as the god of games, who would turn himself into an axolotl to escape enemies (SW). Axolotls are slowing becoming extinct dues to the loss of habitat and more predatory fish are being introduced into their remaining habitat (AD). Even though axolotls are mainly found in Lake Xochimilco this is not the only place they are located. Axolotls can live in

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