Mexican Candy Research Paper

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Mexican Candy: Mexican food choices include everything from bold and mellow flavors with choices ranging from spicy meat dishes, delectable stews and rice, delicious desserts and even tantalizing sweet concoctions. When it comes to the candy choices in Mexico, there are some unique flavorful candies featuring a fusion of explosive flavors. Unlike many American candies, Mexican candy selections include spicy candies with a little tart and sweetness. Surprisingly, a large variety of Mexican candies feature a combination of salty and sweet flavors with some spices and other flavors. Traditional Mexican candies come in a variety of flavors and textures. Here is a list of most popular Mexican candies. Tamarindo: When you taste this uniquely flavored…show more content…
This is a fruit based candy made from mango, plum or apricot. However, the salty and sour coating on the sweet candy adds the typical flavor to this Mexican candy. Choices of chamoy include hard and soft chew candies, frozen slushies and even chamoy flavored sauce. Mexico’s most popular candy brands sell chamoy candies in various forms. Cajeta…show more content…
These sugar skulls feature brightly colored frosting and rhinestones. Family members take these candies with other items to the graves of the dead members on the special day Día de los Muertos. Mexican candy brands: Leading brands that sell popular Mexican candies include Vero, Lucas, Pelon Pelo Rico and Tajin. Confetto and Hola are also popular brands of fruity candies. Coronado is the top caramel candy brand in Mexico. This leading brand offers dulce de leche hard candies, soft chews and sauces, caramels and lollipops. Glorias is another caramel candy brand that offers delicious chewy caramels. Other popular brands that offer Mexican caramel candies include Montes, Aldama and Las Sevillanas. Facts: • The uniqueness of Mexican candies is the one-of-a-kind flavor, textures and shapes of these candies. • Mexican candies include a large variety of spicy and salty candies. • A majority of Mexican candies have a hard sweet body coated with tangy fruit pulps and
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