Mexican Cartel Thesis

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Initially my thesis was how in our society the narrative around Latinos was that they are all in the cartel because of “genetics”, but I contradicted this by stating that a small minority of Latinos are in the cartel because of poverty. However, I discarded my focus on this because most of the sources I would have implemented in my argument were clickbait. In my most recent argument, I decided to focus on one aspect of that cartel. It now revolves around the violence that comes from the cartel. The social narrative that I am choosing is that society stereotypes all Latinos as inherently being violent and therefore the Mexican cartel is violent. Thus, my thesis now states that this violence is not their nature, but rather that this violence…show more content…
However, I decided to shorten this to about two sentences and place it in the introduction. I believe that condensing this mini-claim is vital because it would have otherwise distracted the reader since a majority of this paragraph was not related to the violence of the Mexican Cartel. Additionally, I have improved the global structure by adding a paragraph that contrasts both the social narrative and my economical perspective. Doing this is proper because I explain the current social narrative inhibits change due to the fact that it incites a clash between differently minded and colored people. Thus, I add that my economical reframing eliminates negative emotions and inspires change since it is not linked to a specific group of people. Another major improvement was the implementation of more respected sources. Initially, I planned to include a quote from Breitbart to prove that some Americans have a stereotype of Latinos. However, now that my thesis changed to discuss the more precise topic of violence from the Mexican cartel, I have decided to include sources that are for the most part

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