Essay On Mexican Stereotypes

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Culture varies from place to place and group to group based on multiple factors. So why do thoughts like poor white kids end up living under bridges or become drug addicts: All black girls are very loud and over dramatic: Mexicans are the best at cleaning people’s houses: Indians ride elephants to places: Asian people all have rice eyes: Canadians love their maple syrup. All these examples of stereotypes are set upon a small group of people but not all people fit in under the same umbrella. All of these groups of people are a part of social group either based on beliefs, location, and/or behaviors. Why do we stereotype before gaining knowledge? It is not like we do not have time because if we take half of the four hours we spend on our phones…show more content…
It is a dangerous action because they might get killed by their own cartel if they get caught escaping their country. This is one of our main concern because everyday Mexicans cross the American Border for what they think it is a better life for them. Many Mexicans would leave their house and family in mexico and come here to United States and they would totally forget about their family. That's what they call it a “new life.”
Anyway, let's talk about Hispanic weather. They totally are really hot and humid with up to 104 Fahrenheit degrees. Dessert as well, sunny and rainy at times.
Let's talk about Hispanic children/ teenagers. Many Mexicans cartels use teenagers seeking power and/ or money as their medium of selling drugs or just for “fun”. Many get killed, a few get what they want. Many disappear, for cartel kidnap family members. Thousand die yearly.
The drug industry among them is something already common for them, yet still dangerous. Gang members fight to have the greatest area to sell as many drugs as possible. People live in fear, for if you don't do what cartel say, they would kill you. Can you survive a week in that
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