Mexican Culture Analysis

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Pensaba que estaba hablando con su compañero´. Though a sentence from a different language,the translation being ´I thought I was talking to your companion´, those words are music to my ears. The reason: my spanish has come to the point in which I am able to communicate at the level of a native spanish speaker. That said, my passion, better stated my infatuation is for cultures. Since I was about 12 years old I have searched for and studied other cultures. Many of my closest friends come from foreign countries and due to that I have participated in celebrations and traditions that range from a holi festival to a bar-mitzvah. Lately, one hundred percent of this devotion has been committed to integrating myself with and learning from the mexican culture. I currently live in a beautiful city in Mexico named Durango. The deep and profound love I have for this place finds its roots in my love for the people and intense interest in the culture. I now can cook the food here, converse with the wonderful people here and best of all, keep learning from the culture here. I have seen the ways these people, these loving open people can see someone like me in the street and accept them into their home. I see how they are willing to give anyone they see whatever they can, not because they expect something from them, but because they feel a genuine love for all of the people in this world.…show more content…
I know that this near obsession will benefit me in BYU. BYU is partially built upon a reliance on the students to bring what they have of their cultures, help people learn from it and vice versa. I now have that ability and that love. Furthermore, being able to communicate with people from all over the world will facilitate my advancement and success in whatever field I may choose to study. I have no doubt that my love of cultures will accentuate my BYU experience and bring joy to
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