Mexican Culture

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“Boom! Boom, Boom!”, deafening and as intense as a display of fireworks. An infinite parade occurring in front of our eyes, each pyrotechnic as bright and brilliant as the last, each flaunting their own aesthetics. We greet them all with a sense of excitement and enthusiasm, our bodies rattling and bouncing in wonder, pulled into an instant of euphoria. Hispanic, Latino, Chicano, or any other term that we chose to identify ourselves as, is as amazing as the next, each with it’s own distinct form of subculture. Being Hispanic or Chicana is getting to be a person who is identified by not one single cultural dynamic. Each day I wake up and eat ‘huevos’ , while in the evening I listen to country music while we have a ‘parillada’, I get to experience…show more content…
Whether I am Mexican, Puerto Rican, Brazilian, or from Spain, I am not only that significant culture,but the embodiment of many others. I represent cultures guiding each other and not the dichotomy that is pushed by the prejudice between cultures. That is not me, I am not White, or Mexican, or a Pacific islander that are used as listed ethnicities in the options for application forms. I am Hispanic and that is my ethnicity. I am a student who has the ability to learn and communicate in both english and spanish, a bilingual. I am a daughter who has the opportunity to be influenced by every ‘Navidad’ that has showed me how to love and support my family, as mine and my mother 's hands meet while mixing the ‘masa’ for tamales together. I am a friend who creates fantasy football teams to compete with others as part of an American pastime. I am part of a family that encourages each other to be as fluent as they are in their Mexican culture as they are in the American culture, pushing each other so that we may get to experience that world in new, broad perspectives. I am a firework who even when the peak of my launch, where I believe I can no longer keep growing and developing, I surpass expectations, exploiting,expanding, and blooming into new cultures. I am Hispanic, but I am also Latina, Mexican, White, etc. and that is my
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