Mexican Culture Vs American Culture Essay

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By: Teresa Morante
In the world there are many countries with many different habits & cultures. Mexico is a country with a lot of technology and it has distinct native cultures. Mexico and the United States have different cultures. Some aspects of these differences are ethics , nationalism,
Alejandro Olvera is is 39 years old . Olvera is very familiar with how the Mexican society/culture effects it speaking norms.On Oct,3,2015 we discussed what main characteristics were found in the contents of Mexican speeches and how exactly the apply their culture into their speeches.We also discussed the similarities/differences of the American culture.There are many different aspects the play a role in how culture affects its speakers.
First of all, Family is first priority in Mexico, children are celebrated, the wifes fulfill domestic roles, & the mobility,which means families stay usually stay in one place. In the United States the family is second to work, children are independents, the wife often fills different roles, & mobility is common in america.
The religion is a important part of Mexican Cuture mostly everyone believes in something. The most common is the Roman Catholic tradition, there
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Mexico is very nationalistic, mexicans take lots of pride of its long history & traditions.Americans are very patriotic, taking pride in “American way of life”.Also stated in Zimmerman's article . All of these aspects play a role in the structure & delivery of the Mexican culture speech methods.The American Culture of speech possesses many similarities as well as differences from the Mexican culture. As you can probably understand a culture's values, history, and background affect how the norms of the speakers .

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