Day Of The Dead: A Very Brief History Of Mexico

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Mexican foods mostly originated from the aztec culture in the 16th century, they tried to bring their own kind of food to the country but they ended up mixing with other cultures. There were a lot of african and asian influences mostly consist of corn and wheat tortillas, also beans, tomatoes, chili peppers, chorizo, and many types of pork. They also have Empanadas which are handheld pasta pockets. Where as us americans eat a lot of things that are not as healthy, we eat a lot of processed foods, byproducts and lots of fatty, sugary foods.
There religion mainly revolves around the value of church, Family and inclusiveness. They are mostly christian but some also like to include some pre hispanic, mayan aspects. Our religion is very similar
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She is the goddess of the country. The Day of the Dead, celebrated on Nov 2, it is a day to remember and honor those who have died, according to the University of New Mexico.Cinco de Mayo which marks a Mexican military victory over the French in 1862, is more widely celebrated in the United States than it is in Mexico. Carnival is also celebrated in many place throughout Mexico to mark the period before Lent. Independence Day, marking the country’s separation of Spain in 1810, it is celebrated on sept 16. We have a lot of holidays to like christmas celebrated on Dec 26, were we celebrate the birth of christ. The Fourth of July celebrated on july 4, it is celebrated because of our separation from england. Thanksgiving celebrated on nov 24, celebrated by both the US and canada because of the alliance and friendship of the native americans.
They had many great landmarks like just us, which some occur naturally such as the copper canyon and lots more are man made like calakmul, mitla, mexico city, and lots of others. Lots of the landmarks were made way back in the day by the aztecs. In Mexico they have a lot more temples that have a big meaning to them than most of ours do like the Mexican national church. Our monuments are very similar except we don't have much of the the stuff made in our past. We have Monuments little Mt rushmore, lincoln memorial, and 9/11 memorial. They all help to show both of the cultures history and
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