Mexican Gangs Research Paper

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In Northern California Hispanic gangs graffiti is distinct in the fact they are known to tag the number “14” which in the alphabet is the letter “N” for norteno or northerner. These gangs fall under the geographic area opposite of that of Surrenos which is the area just north of Bakersfield up to the state border of Oregon. The nortenos also pledge allegiance to a prison gang but not the Mexican Mafia. The nortenos pledge allegiance to their own prison gang called “Nuestra Familia” or in English “Our Family”. Similar to southern gangs they pledge allegiance by following order from within the prison by the Nuestra Familia shot callers and paying “taxes” from their drug sales. In exchange for the gangs allegiance once within prison walls will have the protection of the Nuestra Familia prison gang. Although not as powerful as the Mexican Mafia, the Nuestra Familia is not any less violent within prisons.…show more content…
The crips which are distinct for their use of the color blue is often used in their graffiti and their gang name. With names such as Rolling 60’s Crips, Avalon Garden Crips, Acacia Bloc Crips etc, this is pretty apparent. Their graffiti also can be seen using the letters “BK” meaning “Blood Killers” stating their rivalry with the Bloods gangs. Bloods are distinct for their use of the color red which just like the Crips is often used in their graffiti and their name. However unlike the Crips the bloods are also known to use the words “Piru” in their gang names. Piru is the name of a street in the city of Compton, CA which is said to be the birthplace of the bloods. A few examples of blood gang’s names are 135 Pirus, Cedar Block Pirus, and 900 Block Bloods etc. They are known to also include in their graffiti the letters “CK” for “Crip Killers” stating their
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