Mexican Immigration Analysis

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Mexico Expansion & Immigration Mexico didn’t have much to offer to the people of Mexico due to the fact that they their country wasn’t good economically. Everyone had a hard time when they made their way across the lands into America for better resources and a new start. All the immigrants was given a hard time as they live their life in the their new home. So from 1830s to 1850s, Mexican immigrated from Mexico to California for many different reason because it caused a major impact within American History because it forced the US through tough times. According to “The Encyclopedia of the Mexican-American War” by Ed. Spencer C. Tucker, “the expansion was where Mexicans slowly made their way over to California with different methods that anger…show more content…
From this we can see, “They can only be accepted if they do something to contribute to society helping to grow becoming the dominating country in the world.” At this point in time the US doesn’t just want to US to grow but to be a prosperous nation too which might be a little too much for the immigrates to do. This only happen because Mexicans lived in a country where everyday life is corrupted and crime isn’t punish. Without any thought Mexicans see American as their last hope of running away from all the chaos of their homeland. The Americans didn’t want to do all their labor, so they decided to trick the the immigrants to work for them for low wages due to the fact that the immigrants was desperate to help support their family in any ways possible for a better…show more content…
“Slave wasn’t allowed in the Louisiana Purchase which caused them to come up with the idea to make the immigrant slaves for the people to command.” It took a while to make the immigrant into slave due to the fact that not having slaves before decrease their economic opportunity. This shows that the American was desperate to make a fortune from all the products they are gonna produced with the help of slave. With this it led to the Mexican American war due to the fact that Americans wasn’t able to use slave for their industry and all the trouble the Mexicans has caused since they immigrated to

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