Mexican Immigration Anthropology

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Background Information Immigration is largely a federal concern but since 2006, numerous states have passed anti-immigration laws and Tennessee is no exception. For many years, illegal immigrants especially Mexicans were recruited into the United States to work in agriculture, railroad construction and mining. Thousands of Mexican immigrants came to the United States because of the North American Free Trade Agreement of 1990 which subsidized corn production in the nation and lowered Mexican corn prices so much that Mexican corn farmers were unable to support their families. Many Mexican men migrated to the United States, got jobs and sent money to the families they left behind. Other immigrants from other countries migrated basically…show more content…
One clarification regularly referred to during my research regarding the matter is that universal relocation is a specific procedure, as it were, the individuals who are fittest and most advantageous, both physically and rationally, are the ones who emigrate. It is likewise said that this outcome could be because of roundabout movement and the arrival of less solid and healthy Mexicans to Mexico in adulthood, and additionally the under-revealing of sicknesses because of the absence of conclusions. Regardless of their strategic tactics, wellbeing determinants show that, after some time, migrants have a tendency to secure unfortunate propensities and take part in hazardous practices that unfavorably influence their…show more content…
This year, Representatives Joe Carr and Senator Joey Hensley (Republicans) introduced a bill that would require the use of E-verify for all businesses with more than six employees. E-verify is an internet based system that compares information from an employee’s Form I – 9, employment eligibility verification to data from the United States Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration records to confirm employment eligibility. Employers are required to post notice of E-verify participation and rights to work posters in both English and Spanish in their businesses. E-verify undermines worker’s rights and protection, makes it difficult for lawful immigrant workers to find jobs and burdens small businesses. SB 1965/HB1830 passed and will require any business that employs more than fifty employees to participate in the E- verify program starting on June 2016. In 2007, a workplace raid was carried out at a chicken processing plant in Chattanooga in a search for undocumented workers. Chicken processing, food manufacturing, food service, hotel and private home housekeeping, farming, furniture and building construction and landscaping are among the jobs that most undocumented workers hold in the United States. Under other Tennessee laws, employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants can lose their business licenses. Anyone who
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