Mexican Immigration Essay

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The process which you emigrate from the US to Mexico is significantly harder than coming from Mexico to the US. There are nonimmigrant permits for those who choose to stay in Mexico for a temporary amount of time, and an immigrant permit which is for those who assume permanent residence in the Country. Residency permits take up to four years to get. There is a long drawn out process of which you have to hire an immigration lawyer. There are many requirements to be able to take permanent residency in Mexico. Among these are having close family in Mexico, prove retirement status as well as proof that you have a source of income, or you have stayed four years in the country with a temporary visa. To apply for any of these you can hire a lawyer…show more content…
When talking about moving to Mexico, the situation is very different. To attain permanent residence, you must meet up to one of five requirements which range from seeking political asylum to having close family already living in the country. Examples of those which the process might be easier includes Retirees, investor, a famous person, rich person, and scientific professionals. It is not required that you attain a temporary visa before gaining full residency. When you officially become a citizen you get a card which allows you to enter in and out of the Country freely. This process can take up to five years and in some cases even longer. You must also take a test where basic Spanish must be…show more content…
If you are caught illegally, you can be persecuted. Punishments can include deportation, prison time, or major fines. If you go through proper channels it may take longer but it will be easier than illegally immigrating. Those who wish to gain full citizenship must meet certain requirements and you have to speak basic Spanish. This differs from the United States because basic English is not required, unless you go through all necessary procedures. Therefore, the process to gain citizenship is rather more difficult than to immigrate to the US, and we shouldn’t be so easy on the immigrants coming from Mexico because they wouldn’t treat us with the same

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