Mexican Immigration In America

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There is no doubt that our nation is becoming a more diverse country than we had ever imagined. European immigration was the first wave that founded and developed our nation. Then years later other groups, like Asians, decided to come to the American continent as well. One of these groups that started to immigrate later were Hispanics. Hispanics come from many different backgrounds even though they are grouped under one category, it includes Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Nicaraguans, etc.. They have faced being classified under wrongful origins for a long time at first they were all referred to as Native Americans, which was overturned by Mendez et al. vs. Westminster School District of Orange County . Today they are still grouped under wrong origins such as all Hispanics being called Mexicans. This is disrespectful to their own unique individual cultures, even though to us it may seem that they are the same. This isn 't the only obstacle they faced after their immigration.…show more content…
The influx of these populations especially impacted our school systems that now had many students that needed help learning English. In places like Los Angles the solution was to put them into special schools to help them get more attention to learn English. The Hispanic community became in an uproar about this because the school system was segregating their kids, which was a violation of the 14th Amendment. In Delgado vs. Bastrop Independent School District, it was ruled that the schools could not separate the Hispanic children unless a scientific test in first grade ruled that they need English instruction (Spring, 399). Although they liked the end of segregation, schools still could separate based on the English tests so many

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