Mexican Immigration Satire

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Time after time, immigrants, specifically Mexicans, have shown themselves to be a problem in America. They steal the jobs that should be going to real Americans and cause crime rates to rise. America can’t, and shouldn’t, allow this to happen. We are supposed to be the greatest country in the world, yet we are letting these criminals to walk all over our land, the land that we have fought for since we came here and invaded the natives. It is time we take charge of this monstrosity and make American great again. Mexicans are daily crossing the border and intruding into our country. As Donald Trump has suggested, America can build a wall to keep these thieves out. However, we can’t do this as what would stop these aliens from breaking it down. Even if we make Mexico pay for the wall and even build it, the Mexicans can easily break it down and in the end will just become tedious work, making sure the wall is in good condition and telling Mexico to fix it. While we can easily stop everyone from coming into the country, what can we do with the people already in the country? We could deport them, but finding these people already proves to be a…show more content…
I propose the government sponsor a voluntary purge of immigrants. This will not only benefit the country, but also its people. Firstly, by being voluntary, the purge will allow people to make their own choices on whether or not they would want to participate in this great solution. And what better people than the citizen’s to know their own neighborhood and be able to pinpoint immigrants living near them. By giving the citizens the ability to fix the problem, the government will be relieved off hunting down the immigrants as well as let Americans defend their country. Also the government won’t have to spend much money, as they won’t be taking the initiative. Instead Americans will buy more guns and other weapons, giving the government more money and in the end helping
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