Mexican Mafia Prison

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There is a lot of Mexican Gangs is in United States prisons. For example Mexican Mafia, Latin Kings, Hermanos de Pistoleros Latinos, Partido Revolucionario Mexicano, Raza Unida etc… The Mexican Mafia is the top #1 Mexican Prison Gang, it started in the streets in california and escalated to the prisons. Mexican Mafia is also known as “La Eme” They would usually join the gang so that they could be protected from other gangs that were racist toward hispanics. La Eme was established in 1957 by Luis Flores also known as “Huero Buff”. The Mexican Mafia grew fairly quickly in DVI. Prisons tried to separate the gang apart to other prisons like San Quentin, but they just made the gang more popular in other prisons which made it more stronger that they started getting bigger and they decided to start trafficking drugs around the United States and gambling and extortion rackets inside prisons. It got so that they began to control drug trafficking, extortion,contact killings, and debt collection inside walls. After some time the mexican mafia started getting more organized by setting their own rules or “commandments” and recruiting members from latin streets. Mexican Mafia enjoyed being not checked in the 1990’s but the the police officers caught 22 gang members and they were accused for murder and kidnapping the police officers think that they ended the mexican mafia’s business but they still continue their criminal…show more content…
They were originated in Chicago in the 1940’s they were formed for advancement for the hispanic community the way they would know that they were in the same gang was by their colors which was gold and black. They went up to be the largest gang in the state the police wanted the leader “King Will” dead. Latin Kings most recent emblem is a bulldog with a crown.The Latin Kings was made because they were protecting their identity their main reason was to protect their neighborhood or turf they
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