Mexican Regional Music Analysis

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Mexican Regional Music Nowadays
Mexican regional music is a musical genre with songs accompanied instrumentally with “banda”, mainly, to dance and with contagious rhythms. It has millions of followers, among them, adults, teenagers and kids. This essay focuses on the analysis of the social impact that it could have the content of this music. This musical category is so popular and it has big diffusion, it can be heard everywhere: at home, in the public bus, on the radio, on television with its correspondent music video, at job, at any time, it is contagious, easy to sing and memorize. Here lies its importance and its impact on society, since the majority of lyrics have a focus on people in their sentimental relationships, their marital fidelity,
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And since they lost their sense of wonder, young society thinks that alcohol, drugs and sex are the healthiest and normal way to have fun, making them feel popular and with high self-esteem.
From the “narco corridos” grows a style denominated “Buchon”. This word derives from “Buchanan’s”, the Scottish whisky, since the members of this social group consume this drink, showing status and recognition. The male clothing consists in shirts with big prints and sparkles, chains and rosaries of gold and diamonds, and caps with a lot of jewels on it. Girls tend to have their hair black, straight and long, they wear brand clothes with pride, as: Ed Hardy, Coach, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Armani. The label and brands are combined with bright sparkles and letters that decorate their expensive clothes; same happens with their shoes, their dark glasses and their big bags. They have invented words that are used as adjectives to identify this genre, such as “Arremangado” that means “strong”. Although, this musical genre has its downside, there are songs that are good and
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Interpreter: Roberto Junior y Su Bandeño Classification: Dance
I think this genre has its ups and downs, because of its big influence in Mexico’s society. It has this huge impact that even our president, Enrique Peña Nieto, named Julión Álvarez “a big example for the Mexican youth” creating disturb and discussions because this singer sang “narco corridos” in his early years, and also, there are a lot of inspirations in Mexico that do not have their right recognition as Julión Álvarez.
It is crucial to guide these musical authors to a good direction if we want our society to grow mentally and turn Mexican regional music a factor less for violence, homicides, drug traffic, misogyny, sexism and promiscuity. It is part of our culture and it says a lot of us. In my honest opinion, this genre it is not my favorite, however, I would give it a chance if the lyrics were not so bad. Listening to this genre does not always mean that you are a bad person; everyone has their preferences and opinions, but it is also important to be conscious and prudent of what we are listening at home, in the public bus, on the radio, on television, at job, or at any other place and think about the impact it could

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