Mexican Revolution Essay

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The musical phenomenon corridos came about in the 1800s. However a dramatic increase of this music occurred until the Mexican Revolution. The Mexican Revolution started on November 20, 1920. The revolution started because of a very corrupt government that was ran by Porfirio Diaz. His 34-year term called El Porfiriato, was violating the principle and ideals of the Mexican Constitution (EDSITEment). He did not allow for freedom of speech and press. As result there was no communication between people in different landmarks and if there was it was very difficult. People did not know was happening around them because of the lack of communication. This is bad for society as a whole because the people need to know what is going on in the world they…show more content…
The people of Mexico wanted to get their land back, however there was so much to do in order to obtain the land back and the poor people could not do. There was peasant leader named “Emiliano Zapata, who hoped a revolution would lead to land reform”(EDSITEment). Along with Emiliano Zapata who was a leader from the southern state of Morelos, two other leaders from the north named Pascual Orozco, and Pancho Villa were ready to fight for their land. All three had armies ready for war, and all of this revolting was for a new and better Mexico that will peaceful. There is a corrido named, “Corrido de Zapata Nino”, which praise Emiliano Zapata. This corrido is just an example of how corridos praise important people like revolutionist. Although corridos are important and tell many unwritten opinions and ideas, they are currently banned from Mexico. It is interesting to learn that Mexico has done this because corridos is what made them famous and allowed for them to communicate during the Mexican Revolution. Corridos expresses many opinions that come from the people of Mexico, and expresses how Mexico feels as a whole. It is very disappointing that Mexico wants to cover it’s truths from its people and from other countries. However, it is good that we at least found what was happening in Mexico through
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