Mexican Revolution Research Paper

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The Mexican Revolution of 1910-1920, was a revolution that began in November 10th 1910 and lasted for a decade, it is a revolution that is recognised as the first major political and social revolution of the 20th century, being one of the most important and ambitious socio-political experiments in modern history. Major causes for this revolution was the tension between Mexican lower, middle and upper classes, the elite system that oppressed systems, the lower class and the natives this led people wanting a liberal democracy. Mexico’s political system was corrupted, instigating the Mexican revolution to take place. The labour protests that took place during the revolution as well as the abuse of political power.
The tensions between the lower,
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The wealthy landowner’s Prospered, whilst the vast majority which where peasants where living in poverty. Professor Grtizner, Charles F, writes in his book, Mexico, ‘The reason that this divide continued to grow large was the fact that there was no upward mobility, which meant that it was not possible for the poor to move up in society/become rich’ . Although this was one cause for the revolution this cause was not one that was highly noticed. The tensions between classes, the elite system that oppressed systems, the lower class and the natives, Mexico’s political system, the labour protests that took place during the revolution and the abuse of political power where much greater causes for the revolution then agricultural…show more content…
The abuse of political power was far more than the questions of bribery and favouritism. During dictatorship, authorities at all levels used their positions for the purposes of private gain, and this was usually at the expense of all those who lived in poverty. Professor Adolfo Gilly states, ‘One contemporary described this figure as “the local authority of the central government, the boss of the town and often its moneylender, house agent, merchant and marriage broker at the same time, and all greatly to his own profit.”’ , ‘They often enriched themselves not only through control over commercial activity, but also through extortion—via arbitrary “taxes” and “fines”’. Charles Curtis Cumberland, historian author writes, ‘Madero stressed the importance of land and social reform, but he soon made it clear that he still favoured an evolutionary development’ , In this case he abused his power by trying to make the lower class which was a vast majority to side with him, without any intention to actually help them. Because of the abuse of political power, people began to uprise against those in power, causing the Mexican
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