Mexican War Essay

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1- Why did slavery expand rapidly and become more deeply entrenched in southern society in the early nineteenth century?
In 18th century, America explored the south and African areas getting new colonies which gave access to the new population especially black people that were considered as slaves back then. As America set roots in Mexican areas, more people have been added into the slave circle causing the slavery to rapidly expand and become deeply entrenched in southern society which later became the reason of mutinies and democratic war against slavery and ended up in Mexican war.
2- How did enslaved African Americans in the 19th cent. U.S. resists efforts to control and exploit their labor and bodies?
As the rapid growth in slavery
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The poor agriculture management has wasted the fertile lands in the heart of southern areas causing more trouble for the poor people so there was a wave of migration from areas to west in search of cheap land and fertile soil. There was another lot who bought land illegally from Indians in the west in a hope to sell it at a high price which failed to reach the purpose.
5- What were the primary causes and outcomes of the U.S.-Mexican War (1846-48)?
As we all know America is having a thirst for power and dominance. As there were a lot of people moving to the western areas and Texas that was part of Mexico at the time, America thought of its right to rule the whole continent and tried to capture western areas and Texas under their nose which was not appreciated by Mexico who weren’t happy with Americans and were having lot of American people who are fighting for freedom, so this hate has turned into a war but it wasn’t a war for freedom but a war for occupation of western land.
Haitian Revolution:
Haiti that was a French colony observed a revolution from 1791 -1804 against the slavery oriented community asking for the freedom of slaves. It was actually a revolt by slaves which ended up in forming of Republic of
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