Mexican Whiteboy Character Analysis

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Final Essay: Family What is Family? Family is a group of people related to each other who care about one another and love each other and will do anything to help. In the book titled Mexican Whiteboy written by Matt De La Pena the main protagonist, Danny is a boy who struggles to understand where he is really from so he decided to visit his father to learn more about his background and family history. Family is very important in life because you have people who can help support you in anything you choose to do in life. When Danny’s father left the family back to Mexico, Danny became more isolated from his mom. “Ever since his dad took off, Danny’s drifted apart from his mom. He hardly even acknowledges her presence these days. She’s the reason he went quiet in the first place. The reason his dad’s gone. The reason he’s whitewashed and an outsider even with his own family. Danny becomes less impatient as he wants to see his father so he plans to make money by playing baseball with Uno and Sofia to get a trip to Mexico. When he eventually gets there Danny wants to visit his father and learn more about his ancestors and their background and how it can relate to him as well. “I’m a white boy among Mexicans, and a Mexican among white boys”. Since Danny is half-white and half-Mexican he doesn’t really know his…show more content…
“Family is the center of everyday American life. Our parents are our first protectors, first teachers, first role models, and first friends. Parents know that America’s great reward is the quiet but incomparable satisfaction that comes from building their families a better life.” Having a dysfunctional family where both parents are not present and one is present can affect a child’s life and the way they approach things because they have no one to talk to or advise them on certain
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