Mexico Descriptive Essay

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I was in 4rd grade and I have never been to Mexico before. My mother decided to take me there for about two weeks to visit my family there and my grandparents, but during that time I was still attending school so the teacher just gave me two weeks of school work to make up when I get back. I got home and my mother was already packing up, so I went to pack my stuff and picked out my favorite clothes to wear. Once I was done, I went to sleep, mother awakened me up at 3am to get ready to leave to the airport. After a very long wait in lines at the airport, we were finally boarded on the plane. I have never been on a plane at the time and it made me nervous. I had the window seat behind the wing, so I could see a great view. The plane’s engines roared and sped down the runway you can feel the plane go up as I looked out the window I was able to see all the bright orange lights of the city of Chicago and the suburbs as we continued to rise. I retired the rest of the flight.
Arriving in Mexico I woke up from the flight when I saw daylight and was able to look out the window and see a wonderful view of mountains and clouds. We arrived at the airport to wait for my uncle and aunt to arrive, the airport was very crowded with people holding balloons and gifts, the air smelled like food and gas. I could hear many cars honking and many people talking and yelling, it felt hot as soon as got outside the airport, I was feeling indolent because I didn’t sleep much on the flight. Finally, my
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