Mexico: The Battle Of The Alamo

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I address this to the people of the newly founded Republic of Texas, The battle for our Texas independence has been an extensive, grueling, back-breaking struggle. We have had our fair share of victories and our fair shares of loses too. We have been through many trials and tribulations. Our men have fought in countless battles. Such as The Battle of the Alamo, and most recently The Battle of San Jacinto. On the twenty-first of April, the President of Mexico, General Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna, was captured near the river of San Jacinto. With this victory came reward and repercussion. Although this victory brought on our independence, it also lacked the acknowledgement from Mexico we so desperately needed. Not only did the Mexicans not recognize us as a republic but also did not acknowledge our boundary of the Rio Grande River. Because of this they still posed a threat to our newly stated independence.…show more content…
Burnet and Gen. Santa Anna signed two treaties. The first stated the return of property taken by the Mexicans, no more hostility, Mexican troop invaders would be withdrawn, along with the recognition of Texas’s independence and their boundary along the Rio Grande river, and in turn the Texas Army will release Gen. Santa Anna back into Mexico. Soon after the signing of the treaty, Gen. Vicente Filisola’s troops started to retreat from the Rio Grande border. We thought this was the end of this great war, but we were strongly mistaken. Although Mexico follow most of the treaty, it was voided by both governments. This meant our independence and borders were not recognized and Mexico was still a major threat to
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