Meyers-Brigg Type Indicator Personality Report

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The Meyers-Brigg Type Indicator gave me the personality type INFJ for the Major and Career Development class. When I took the test at the beginning of the semester for my freshmen seminar, I got ISFJ. While I got different scores from the two times, the tests were both accurate and can tell me the same overall results. The first time I took the test, I was only an S by one point, 14 for sensing versus 13 for intuition. This time, I was only an N more than an S by 5 points. This tells me that depending on situations, by preferences change. I am not always an S or and N. Compared to my F preferences, which make it very clear that I am a feeling type rather than a thinking type. Both tests gave me obvious results that I am more of a feeler than a thinker when it comes to my natural instincts. My I, introversion, and J, judging, are both slight scores, meaning again that my preferences come out in certain situations and are not always how I react or think about a situation. Also, when we…show more content…
While I know the scores do not tell me what I should do and they are just what the people with my same results thrive in and enjoy, I could see myself being successful in any of the jobs it suggested. My investigative theme, which includes science, was my lowest scoring theme, which also supports the accuracy of my results because even though I enjoy learning about some aspects of science, I do not enjoy most of it and tend to struggle in that area. These tests both brought to light the aspects of me that I had never took time to explore and realize, but that I have always had. Deep down, I think I knew all of this and could have found it, but the MBTII and the SII helped me get to the results. My SII results have helped send me in the right direction to explore careers that I may be a good fit for, and the MBTII will help further my understanding of what job skills are needed and if I my personality is a match for those

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