Meyers Briggs Indicator Analysis

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The Meyers Briggs Indicator MBTI assessment is most widely used personality used to help employers, counselors and individuals understand there personality traits strength and weakness. This assessment help employers better understand how to judges and perceive a person when making decision on who to hire in today 's society. The type indicator can be very helpful and biases to an employer when selecting the right candidates for employment. The MBTI was created by mother and daughter to gain better perception on a human personalities. The MBTI test had a different review in the late 1920 's by Carl Jung. Jung, stated that the four functions (sensing, intuition, thinking, and feeling) create different mental functions in someone personality and mental functions when an individual Nd should never be used to judge a personality in a person. He also added that psychologically detrimental of a person dominant function. Although, Myers and Briggs (MBTI) continuE to be used as of today Jung 's theory and many other researchers compared the 16 personality type assessments. Jungs psychological types stated about the MBTI that when a person minds are active and observant, we are filtering our mental process to make clear choices in the internal and…show more content…
Narcississm Personality Disorder tend to involves arrogant behavior and like of empathy regards to other people. People who are narcissistic frequently described themselves as not trustworthy, self centered, and demanding. These type of personality pray on people to receive special treatment. There are several types of personality disorder relating to Narcissistic. As of today, many ongoing discussion on how this type of disorder is process in someone brain. Researchs are nott sure what causes the mental disorder. Many believe the cause maybe link to childhood dysfunctional of physical abuse or neglect. Still not a clear diagnoses associated relating to genetic or psycholobiolgy which maybe link to brain and behavior and

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